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Natural Benefits

The Eden of Vermora

Our Cultivation is located in Colombia, in the municipality of Fusagasugá, Cundinamarca, an area 1,700 meters above sea level, and which allows the cultivation of a wide variety of plant species.

We currently have 23 varieties of plants associated with herbs and fruits, which are cared for with ecological techniques from the seed until you receive our products.

We have documentary traceability of all our processes, and the ICA Certificate of Good Agricultural Practices guaranteeing the non-use of prohibited substances or industrial processes that threaten our health. In addition to this, we dehydrate our raw materials with sunlight and recycle our packaging within a replacement program, consolidating the circular economy within Vérmora.


The ancestral knowledge of our ancestors has provided benefits for the soul and body for each of the plants and fruits, and today Vérmora we pay tribute to those benefits, and we mix them together to give you the best sensations in a single product.

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