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Dehydrated lemongrass 30 gr

Dehydrated lemongrass 30 gr

lemon tree

Antioxidant - Anti spasmodic - Anti fungal


Its infusion is known as a healthy and refreshing drink that is consumed as a substitute for tea, due to its pleasant aroma and typical lemon flavor. In addition to this, you will be able to relax, improve anxiety states and it will also help you relieve the symptoms of colds and flu.


Try the Dehydrated Vérmora Lemongrass, grown from the seed without chemicals or additives in an ecological presentation of 30 grams and within the Herbal Relax Mix


All our aromatics are grown by the hands of farmers from the Colombian Bajo Sumapaz. We use unique planting techniques, where our main objective is the non-use of Chemicals. We believe in the value of healthy and clean eating.


Our dehydration process is done using solar energy. Each of our aromatics is hand-defoliated, complying with all quality standards.


Let us surprise you, we want to bring our Garden to your Door!

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