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Dehydrated Citron 30 gr

Dehydrated Citron 30 gr


Antimicrobial - Antispasmodic - Anti-inflammatory

It helps calm fever, and is a great ally to combat insomnia and anxiety.

Lemon verbena is also used as an expectorant, as it expels the mucus that accumulates in the respiratory tract and prevents infections of this type.


Try the Cidrón Vérmora, grown from the seed without chemicals or additives in an ecological presentation of 30 grams or in the Herbal Women's Mix

Aloysia Citrodora


All our aromatics are grown by the hands of farmers from the Colombian Bajo Sumapaz. We use unique planting techniques, where our main objective is the non-use of Chemicals. We believe in the value of healthy and clean eating.


Our dehydration process is done using solar energy. Each of our aromatics is hand-defoliated, complying with all quality standards.


Let us surprise you, we want to bring our Garden to your Door!

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