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Anti-inflammatory - Relaxing

Peppermint has relaxing properties that help reduce insomnia and, consequently, contribute to better sleep. This herb has important anti-inflammatory properties and can help us rest well thanks to its sedative effect. The use of mint is also recommended and is of great help to treat conditions in which stress and restlessness occur.

The refreshing effect of menthol helps us feel calm and more relaxed, while its calming and anti-inflammatory characteristics can be a good ally to relieve mental stress and blood pressure.


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Antimicrobial - Antispasmodic - Anti-inflammatory - Relaxing

As a medicinal plant, lemon verbena is perfect for relaxing the body and eliminating insomnia; It also eliminates stress and allows people to rest perfectly as it regulates sleep cycles.

On the other hand, through its sedative effect it helps to free oneself from the tension involved in routine, preventing anxiety crises and stressful situations. It should preferably be taken before sleeping and thus act as a relaxant, inducing a peaceful sleep.


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Aloysia Citrodora



Relaxant - Expectorant - Antiseptic

Thymus Vulgaris

Thyme is like a relaxing and very gentle natural pill for sleeping, in situations of fatigue or general heaviness. A very light infusion, at a rate of one teaspoon per cup of water, helps you fall asleep.


Due to its carvacrol content, thyme seems to be a good complement to calm these states and induce relationship.

According to scientific evidence, when you consume this substance, feelings of well-being are boosted by balancing neuronal activity. It also improves mood and reduces feelings of anguish, at least temporarily.

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Anti-inflammatory - Relaxing - Sedative

Chamomile is one of the most useful infusions to relax muscles and reduce muscle pain. In addition, it offers anti-inflammatory properties ideal for relieving cramps and also serves to eliminate headaches, anxiety, nerves and stress.

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Chamaemelum nobile

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